Newbridge Wealth Management is a private financial counseling firm located in Berwyn, PA. We serve as fiduciaries, acting in a professional capacity of competence and trust while delivering counsel to our clients. As a fee-only firm we do not receive sales commissions, precluding the inherent and well-documented conflict of interest in dispensing financial advice and selling financial product as one. We believe in a patient, disciplined approach to investment management that delivers value and peace of mind. We utilize a process-driven approach to financial planning that provides comfort and clarity to our client’s long-term goals. And we strive to integrate the latest technology solutions to ensure the most efficient delivery of information to our clients.

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Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan with objective advice should be your first step to planning your financial future. Your financial plan should be about you-your dreams and your priorities. Your goals are important, not just the ones that are of immediate concern, but all of your goals, both short term and long term.

Look to us for context on the financial matters that mean the most to you.

  • Am I saving enough? Am I spending too much?
  • When should I retire? Do I have enough?
  • Will my children be okay? What kind of legacy do I want to leave?

“Our goal is to be your trusted partner as you travel from one phase of your life to the next. We want to understand what drives you and what solutions we can put in place. Financial Planning is a lifelong process and one in which we want to share with you and your children.”

Vincent R. Barbera, CFP®

Managing Partner, Wealth Manager

Financial Plan
Investment Management

Investment Management

At Newbridge, we share two investment goals with our Clients which are intertwined:  1) To add significant value to market returns (net of Adviser fees) over each successive business cycle (5-8 years), and 2) To protect investment principal ahead of substantial, yet infrequent, market declines.  To accomplish this, we adhere to a proprietary set of investment principles which can be reduced to the following core tenets:

  • The asset allocation decision is dominant and flexible;
  • The Client profile helps determine the degree of risk-taking under favorable conditions;
  • The practice of patience, discipline, and proactive communication is a constant.

“Conventional investing involves being diversified at all times, owning something of everything at any price, and ‘staying the course.’ We think this nearly ubiquitous approach leads to, at best, mediocrity. Conventional investing also involves engaging in short-run speculation, brazenly ignoring fundamentals to capture market action. That is tantamount to gambling. At Newbridge, we adhere to an empirically-supported strategy with the knowledge short-term noise will amount to a zero-sum game over time and the underlying durability of the strategy will survive.”

R. Christopher Wiegand, CFA®

Managing Partner

Retirement Plans

Newbridge is actively engaged in helping business owners and their employees with Retirement Plans. We stand beside the owner, ensuring they measure up to their fiduciary obligations, and we stand in front of the staff, empowering them to make sound financial decisions. And above all, we act in the client’s best interests, by doing the following:

  • Implementing a Plan tailored for your Company;
  • Ensuring all Plan expenses are transparent and reasonable;
  • Offering low-cost investment choices (open architecture).
Retirement Plan

Are you working with the right “kind” of adviser?

Competent, holistic, and free of conflicting interests.


Does your investment portfolio align with your long-run goals?

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